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Getting started...

Welcome to our class page! This is an open course (OCW) for any English language learner interested in improving academic writing skills. To get started, do the following:

About the Course

Prerequisites: B2-C1 English proficiency level
Course Description: Cultivating understandings by improving academic writing skills among English language learners (i.e., pre-service English language educators)
Program/curriculum map: Credit-seeking students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English language
teaching at the UAA
Technologies Used: Wikispaces, Microsoft Office Online, Google+ Communities, & Internet
Credit-seeking students: Students who are taking this course for credit, may access their grades in Engrade.

See the Syllabus

Recommended Background

Prerequisites: Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis

Writing Strategy

Course Objectives

Desired Results

The objective of this sixteen-week course is to assist the writer in developing different writing and thinking strategies for developing a theoretical framework around a problem related to applied linguistics (i.e., the teaching and learning of an additional language).

Evidence of Understanding

  • Concept paper
  • Article review
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Literature review
  • Online and face-to-face discussions both in class and outside of class

Learning Progression

Unit I

Unit I - Concept Paper

Topics: thesis statement, simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences, MEAL plan (paragraph development), introduction and conclusion paragraphs, cohesion, coherence, & APA formatting.

Unit II

Unit II - Article Review

Topics: Critical review, author point of view, audience, perspective, etc.
  • Week 5
  • Week 6

Unit III

Unit III - Annotated Bibliography

Topics: APA formatting, search strategies such as Boolean search etc.,
  • Week 7
  • Week 8
  • Week 9

Unit IV

Unit IV - Literature Review

Topics: thesis statement, problem statement, purpose statement, APA formatting, forming an argument, etc.Week 10
  • Week 10
  • Week 11
  • Week 12
  • Week 13
  • Week 14
  • Week 15
  • Week 16

Helpful Links

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Journals and other links

Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics | Applied Linguistics (Journal) | American Association of Applied Linguistics | Center for Applied Linguistics | Applied Linguistics Research Group | Complicity | ELT Journal | English Teaching Forum | Digital Scholarship | Journal of Interactive Online Learning | Journal of Online Learning and Teaching | Language Learning & Technology | MEXTESOL Journal | Language Learning | oTranscribe | The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning