>Academic Writing


English language learner will understand that academic writing requires linking main ideas for the purpose of developing a sound argument through formal writing conventions. Strategies to develop paragraph and argument development will be covered.

Essential questions

  • How do writers determine an appropriate audience?
  • How do authors attract readers and maintain their interests?
  • How does one move from a practical problem to a researchable problem?

Enabling Knowledge

  • Sections to a formal paper
  • An argument and types
  • APA Style


  • How to write a thesis statement
  • How to develop a paragraph
  • Grammar and punctuation


  • Informal discussions
  • Academic prompts

Week 1 (August 10-14, 2015)

  • This week you will become familiar with EduQuiki which is where you will submit a lot of your work for this class.
  • You will also become familiar with the online resources available at your school (UAA). Make sure you have the proper passwords so that you have full access to the databases you need.
  • After doing some research, develop a problem statement. Based on your problem statement, develop a thesis statement that can be used for your five-paragraph essay. Finally, consider three points to support your thesis statement.
  • This is the rubric we will use for this class. Please refer to this rubric each time you complete a writing assignment.



  • Once you have created an account in Wikispaces, complete your user profile (refer to the profile boilerplate). Your profile allows others to get to know more about you. You are encouraged to share with others your accomplishments and goals! (See how.)
  • Begin looking for two or three articles (UAA Virtual Library) based on the topic of your five paragraph essay. Determine the audience and notice how the author(s) hook the audience in the introduction section of the article.
  • Begin filling out the brainstorming boilerplate and upload it to your five-paragraph essay page. Once you have completed your brainstorming essay page, add your link below in the Outcomes section. Refer to the video to the right for details.
  • Watch this video on what is a thesis statement.
  • Based on your problem statement and thesis statement, develop an outline.
  • Watch this presentation on APA.
  • Add a link to your five paragraph essay under the Link to five paragraph essays section in Week 3 (see below).


  • Develop a problem statement, thesis statement, and upload the essay template (see video to the right.

Week 2 (August 17-21, 2015)



  1. Based on your outline, begin your first draft of your five-paragraph essay, due the end of week 2 (August 25, 2012). Include at least three references according to APA. Refer to this presentation for information related to APA.
  2. Go to the UAA Virtual Library and find two or three research papers related to the topic of your five paragraph essay. Take note of the sections of the paper, notice how the write hooks the audience in the introduction paragraph, and use these two or three research papers to reference in the three body paragraphs of your five paragraph essay.
  3. Review the rules of punctuation and use at least six different punctuation marks discussed in class: apostrophe, brackets, colon, comma, dash, exclamation mark, period (full stop), hyphen, question mark, quotation marks, and semicolon.


  • Develop sentences (i.e., simple, complex, and compound) and paragraphs (MEAL plan) by creating proper writing styles and conventions.
  • Identify the audience and explain how the author(s) hooks the audience in the introduction; explain the purpose of the article and include the reference according to APA style.
  • Create first draft of five paragraph essay.

Week 3 (August 24-28, 2015)



  • Revise first draft, due by the end of week 3 (August Sept. 1, 2012).


  • Brainstorming section (5%)
  • Outline (5%)
  • Essay: Writing that is coherent (50%) and cohesive (50%). (90%)
  • Rewriting to be better understood.

Link to five paragraph essays

Add your links to your five paragraph essays here:
Collazo | Karol Abdel cardenas | Víctor Figueroa | Mona | Noe Alonso | Daniel Hdz | Aimee Huerta | Jessie Díaz | Marcela Macias| Cuauhtemoc | Eli Mata | Chris Torres | Cecii | Alby Ruiz | Rocio Flores | Gerardo García | Indi Medina | Alondra | Emmanuel | Madisol