Welcome English language learners and educators: A space for bringing English speakers of all levels together as a means of facilitating the foreign/second language learning process!

Hello and welcome to distance language learning English. This site is designed to offer English courses 100% online for both credit-seeking and non-credit-seeking English language learners (ELLs). ELLs are taken through a series of weekly "quests" as facilitators and coaches (i.e., teachers) guide and develop the language learning process. Learners are expected to be self-motivating and willing to reflect on their own learning. Since this is an open course, ELLs are likely to receive feedback from a multitude of places: various teachers. other ELLs, etc. For credit-seeking ELLs however, individual grades will be given out by a single facilitator or coach.
This online open course can be used in a variety of ways. Although this course is offered completely online, it will also serve as a viable source in blended course settings and for those who simply want to practice their English outside a formal educational setting. The amount of participation is completely open for those non-credit-seeking ELLs.
Even though this is an open course, there are beginning and ending dates in addition to the following characteristics (mainly for credit-seeking ELLs):
  • Each level will consist of the equivalent of 80 hours of college level coursework
  • Asynchronous and synchronous discussions are required
  • ELLs will be expected to complete both norm and criterion-referenced tests.
Facilitators: Credit-seeking ELLs (CSELLS) will have one facilitator responsible for distributing grades, but the course is designed so that different language educators or fellow ELLs may provide feedback throughout the course. Assignments and due dates will be part of the CSELL's final grade.
The first course is scheduled for the spring of 2010. Since this is an open course being offered on a wiki, the success depends on the involvement of a variety of individuals as opposed to a single person. So all stakeholders (i.e., educators, learners, parents, community leaders, etc.) are encouraged to contribute either directly to this wiki or by offering comments/suggestions by clicking on the discussion link at the top of the screen.

Getting Started

  • If you are an undergraduate student at the UAA and are seeking credit for the course, contact the PFLE/PFSI for registration dates and procedures (January 2010).
  • Sign up to the distance language learning ning.
  • Install audacity or similar program on your computer.
  • Install necessary software for microphone (required) and webcam (optional).


Level I (A1.1) - 0-80 hours of study
Level II (A1.2) - 81-160 hours of study
Level III (A2.1) - 161-240 hours of study
Level IV (A2.2) - 241-320 hours of study
Level V (B1.1) - 321-400 hours of study
Level VI (B1.2) - 401-480 hours of study
Level VII (B2.1) - 481-560 hours of study
Level VIII (B2.2) - 561-640 hours of study

Connecting Language Learners

eTandem Learning
Language Exchange-MU
Live Mocha

Request a class

  • English language learners, add your name here and include how many hours you have formally studied English either as a foreign language second language.

Virtual Worlds

Secret Builders
Second Life

Online Gradebooks



Technology required for taking this course:
  • Computer
  • Headset
  • Internet access
  • Software to record audio/video (Audacity)


Anderson, N. (1999). Exploring second language reading: Issues and strategies. Heinle ELT.
Wiggins, G. and McTighe, J. (2005). Understanding by Design. Prentice Hall.