This wiki is a personal and professional learning network for educators based on action learning. The ways that one can contribute and benefit will vary:
  1. Reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute any of the information without having to get permission as long as attribution is given (i.e., giving credit by including the name of this wiki and a link back to the page where the information can be found.)
  2. Contribute to open educational resources (OERs) by joining this wiki and modifying and adding content.
  3. Contribute to open courseware by joining this wiki and modifying and adding content.
  4. Network with other educators by using EdQuiki as a point of contact.
  5. Share social web sources such as personal blogs, websites, social bookmarking sites, and wikis.
  6. Share research.

What do I do now?

  • Create an account in WikiSpaces.
  • Join this wiki which will allow you to contribute! If you are new to Wikispaces, refer to the Wikispaces tutorial in order to get started.
  • Be recognized for your contributions by completing your profile either by using the profile boilerplate or by creating a profile of your own. Your profile allows others to get to know more about you. You are encouraged to share with others your accomplishments and goals! (See how.)
  • Get started by introducing yourself in the comment section below.
  • Create an account in Twitter and follow people that interest you. If you are cooperating with educators related to contributions to this wiki, use hashtash like #eltchat, #edchat, #tesol, etc.
  • Befriend educators in facebook.

Experiment and find which social media tool(s) work best for you.