Welcome to our class page! This is an open course (OCW) for any English language learner interested in improving academic writing skills. To get started, do the following:

Course Description

This course is designed for eighth-semester, pre-service, English language educators as part of a bachelor's degree in English language teaching/training; it officially begins as a face-to-face class in January 24, 2011. Credit-seeking students will submit their work as a subpage to this wiki and all learners (i.e., credit and noncredit-seeking students) are encouraged to view and contribute to the work of others.
Credit-seeking students: Students who are taking this course for credit, may access their grades in Engrade.

Desired Results

The pre/in-service English language teacher will write a 5000-to-6000-word thesis (see boilerplate) integrating their understandings of some issue related to applied linguistics.

Evidence of Understanding

Several milestones for this capstone project include the completion of a literature review, instrument design, data collection, final write up (rhetoric), and oral defense. Finally, weekly logs will provide evidence of a reflective researcher.

Learning Progression

Writing Conventions

Writing conventions will adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Getting Started

Create a wiki page

thesis boilerpate is available in order to help organize your work.

Helpful Research Tools

Mendeley | Online transcribing | PaperRater | Advice on writing research articles

Helpful Links

Academic writing | Forms of Inference

Credit-seeking, preservice, English language educators' theses:

Viridiana | Maricarmen | Aaron | David | Alby | Edgar | Ruth | Cecilia | Tere | Mariana | Susana | Thesis 12 | Thesis 13 | Thesis 14

Noncredit-seeking students theses (add link below):