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Welcome to our class page! This is an open course (OCW) for any English language learner interested in improving academic writing skills. To get started, do the following:

Course Description: A OCW for those interested in improving one's writing skills.
Program: Credit-seeking students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English language teaching at the UAA
Credit-seeking students: Students who are taking this course for credit, may access their grades in Engrade.

Writing Strategies

Desired Results

The learner will understand that different forms of rhetorical modes require expressing one's thoughts logically, coherently, and cohesively. The learner will also understand how different types of assessment can facilitate how one writes to understand and how one writes to be understood.


Unit I: student work

Unit II: student work

Learning Progression

Unit I (Paragraphs)


Basic Sentence Structure |


Personal information, family, lifestyles, past experiences, university life, being a professional, holidays and traditions, food, travel, entertainment

Student work

Thelma | Gabriela | Fany | Rosario | Lupita | Fátima | Luis | Carolina | Alejandra | Quique | Elena | Mario | Julieta | Eli | Martha | Diego
Writing I, Week 1 | Writing I, Week 2 | Writing I, Week 3 | Writing I, Week 4 | Writing I, Week 5 | Writing I, Week 6 | Writing I, Week 7 | Writing I, Week 8

Unit II (Three-paragraph essays)

Narrative essay

Compare and contrast essay

Cause and effect essay

PROPE Projects

Lupita | Julieta | Ale | Diego | Martha | Fany

Helpful Links

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