Espinosa, L. M. 2008 Challenging Common Myths about Young English Language Learners. New York: Foundation for Child Development.


  • Read the article once to get the big idea or big picture.
  • Read the article again to understand the details.
  • Review the introduction, conclusion, section headings, and summaries in order to determine the thesis, argument, or main idea of the article. Also, search for supporting information related to the thesis, argument, or main idea such as problem statement, purpose of the research, and research questions.
  • Create a mind map or outline to help organize your thoughts.

Write to understand

  • Free-write in order to help reveal your ideas and to find ways to express them.
  • Based on each section of the article, consider the following questions:
    • What is the author saying in the article?
    • Why is the author saying this?
    • How does this point relate to other ideas in the article?
    • How does this point relate to the course?
    • How does this point relate to your own experience and opinion?
    • What's the significance or what are the implications of this article? So what?

Write to be understood

  • Using your mind map or outline, create a summary of the author's ideas which will also include a critique based on the questions above? Determine your overall opinion of the article (positive, negative, or mixed) and support your opinion by included evidence (detailed examples from any article) to support your opinion. Arrange your ideas either from the least important to the most important or vice versa.
  • Focus on communicating your ideas when writing your first draft and avoid any editing.
  • Once you have completed your first draft, review and modify each section at a time.
  • Criteria:
    • Begin with the reference according to APA.
    • Then, one paragraph that summarizes the article (at least five sentences).
    • And finally, one paragraph that provides your overall opinion of the article (at least five sentences).

Upload your first article review above, removing all of the above text.